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 A Myotherapist is a health practitioner who specialises in assessing, treating and preventing specific body dysfunctions and various musculoskeletal pathologies.
Myotherapists use their underpinning knowledge of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, biomechanics and pathology to understand the relationships between the myofascia (muscles and related connective tissues), but also how the muscles and connective tissues relate to other systems of the body.

Treatment may involve various treatment of soft tissues i.e. muscle, fascia, tendons, and ligaments and associated structures.
Myotherapists use clinical examination skills to locate the sources of the presenting symptoms and identify dysfunctions. They also use high level communication, clinical reasoning, problem solving and planning skills to design and implement treatment and management programs. Where symptoms or dysfunctions exist, treatment aims to normalise function. Additionally, where no symptoms exist, management aims to optimise function, posture and movement. Normalising includes the relief of pain and the return of normal sensation, posture and movement.

Myotherapists treat an enormous range of musculoskeletal conditions such as:

Sporting & occupational injuries

Stiffness & ache associated with bad posture

Associated joint & vertebral dysfunction & ache

Severe & persistent conditions influencing function & mobility

Headaches / migraines

Acute and chronic stiff or painful neck

Chronic overuse syndromes – tendonitis, RSI, tennis/golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel

Acute & chronic back pain / ‘sciatica’

Shoulder pain, impingement syndrome, frozen shoulder

Hand & finger tingling thoracic outlet syndrome

Knee, leg & foot ache – shin splints, patella tracking dysfunction, runners knee, ankle strains


Pregnancy – pre/post natal problems

Chronic weakness syndrome, fibromyalgia syndrome

Pain & disorder linked to stress & tension