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Exercise Rehabilitation

The primary focus of the clinic is to enable you to be independent without the need for interventions from any practitioners. Although this may not be 100% possible dependent on the situation, the goal is in place and the primary way to achieve this is through exercise rehabilitation.

At BSERC this is used in all conditions – metabolic, neurological, cardiac, respiratory, and musculoskeletal injury.

Every patient will undergo a thorough assessment (based on the presenting condition), and from this a plan is formulated to deliver the individual to a resolution or self-managing state in the most convenient time, independent of therapists.
Every program is individualised, to meet the patient goals and the physiological constraints, and unlike a lot of therapists “we want to get rid of you”!
Our programs focus on technique and progressing the exercises as rapidly and safely as possible to get the outcomes you need and want.

It happens all the time, the person with a sore back, is doing the same program as the person recovering from shoulder surgery. Not at our clinic.

Exercise rehabilitation can be performed in a home setting, at a facility you already attend or in our specifically built exercise rehabilitation gymnasium. We cater for one to one, small group (maximum 5) rehabilitation. So if you have already been everywhere, have been receiving prolonged therapies, haven’t received an exercise rehabilitation program, and it feels as if there is no direction to your treatment, then come to BSERC for our exercise rehabilitation services.