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BSERCer of the month – February

Each month at BSERC we want to celebrate the achievements of one of our wonderful clients. For February our BSERCer of the month is Wayne Ward.

“One morning in late August 2017, I went to roll over in bed and couldn’t move due to excruciating pain in my lower back. This manifested into sciatica and on-going muscle spasms, requiring treatment. Initially I went to a reputable local physio who was unable to provide me with any relief. An MRI showed a prolapsed disc at L5-S1, with the disc putting pressure on a nerve. I had two CT guided cortisone injections into the area. The first provided some relief; with the second not providing any. A highly credentialed neuro-surgeon decided against surgery, which only left one path to recovery for me and that was Exercise Physiology. Whilst I was referred by my GP to the principal practitioner at BSERC, I was allocated to another staff member who I was unsure of at first but need not have been. I was quickly shown that they knew their stuff, providing much relief with each of the treatments I required. Since March 2018, I have been undertaking an Exercise physiology program, which is a fully supervised program in a dedicated gym at BSERC; individually written and tailored to me. When I was initially introduced to my program, there were several exercises that I felt I simply could not attempt. However, I commenced the program, starting with more simple stretches and exercises; initially focusing on core strength and gradually progressing to a full strength program. Over time my program was routinely reviewed, and the exercises progressed to build strength in those areas that you need for everyday life. I have been able to return to playing bowls and have persevered with Exercise Physiology now for nearly 3 years, having seen the substantial physical improvements and the benefits that such a sustained exercise regime can give you. Go BSERC!”