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BSERCer of the month – January

Each month at BSERC we want to celebrate the achievements of one of our wonderful clients. For January our BSERCer of the month is Deb Calistro.
“I believe that my problems started when I was born with hip dysplasia, I was not diagnosed or treated. Over the years I saw various health professionals seeking help with the common reply being ‘you’re too young for a hip replacement.’ After two diabolical hip replacements, I had to overcome what I had been led to believe in that I could not bend, walk properly, garden or mind my grandchildren without assistance. I had decided that I needed to get moving.

While taking a family member to a health professional I asked for advice on my falling over and was advised to see Grant at BSERC, so I did. I hobbled in to see him and started with exercises to improve my balance, the first step was to work up to 1 minute standing on one leg on a cushion.

The next step was the BSERC gym to gain strength. I not only gained strength but also gained confidence which was much needed after having both hips replaced some years earlier and having broken both ankles. I needed lots of assistance, especially with my mindset. I needed to overcome what I had been led to believe to be true ‘that I couldn’t do it.’ I needed to change my mind set and believe that I could become strong.

And strong is what I became even with a couple of health set backs. All thanks to the BSERC team for their support, fun times in the gym and expertise.”