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BSERCer of the month – November

Each month at BSERC we want to celebrate the achievements of one of our wonderful clients. For November our BSERCer of the month is Erica Hare.
“After obtaining a head trauma in a car accident in 2014 I was suffering from chronic pain and PTSD which was impacting my quality of life. After countless assessments by different health care professionals including neurologists, neurosurgeons and pain specialists, I put my trust in the team at BSERC. With a combination of myotherapy, a specialised exercise program specifically designed for my condition, and the support and education to help me understand my pain neurologically, pain no longer controls me – I control it! When it comes to pain, knowledge is power, or as BSERC put it – “know pain, know gain”. Having a basic understanding of neuroplasticity and how my pain can be triggered by different events not only physically but also in my environment has helped me to manage my pain on a daily basis. Exercise is the best medicine and through my specialised program I have achieved things I didn’t think my body would ever be capable of! I am stronger both physically and mentally now than pre injury. Last year I set a goal in the BSERC gym to deadlift my body weight on the 4 year anniversary of the car accident… not only did I smash it, but I did it 16 weeks pregnant! With huge thanks to my BSERC cheer squad of Tessa, Lyndel and Grant.”